warm up


Auditions to be held:
Early Winter, 2017 at Lord of Life Church, Baxter, MN.
Contact Sarah Aamot at 218-232-5109 or The Legacy Chorale at 218-270-8212 or email phone@legacychorale.org to schedule an appointment.


1.  Audition
Open auditions are held twice a year for persons interested in becoming a chorale member. It is selective based on openings and chorale vocal needs. Director Sarah Aamot listens for the following musical skills during auditions: intonation, tone quality (choral sound vs. solo), ability to control vibrato, vocal flexibility, and expressiveness. A prepared piece is not necessary.

2.  Once Accepted
Upon acceptance into the Legacy Chorale of Greater Minnesota, singers are given season schedules, program information and membership guidelines, and will be required to sign a “Statement of Understanding” contract, pay a $35.00 membership fee per concert season, and pay for the cost of their own concert attire and transportation to rehearsals and concerts. Rehearsals are held Tuesday nights from 6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m., at the location determined on the calendar of this web site.

3. Complete a Member Information Form
MEMBERS are invited to complete a member information form.  Click here to access, complete and return to tracy@legacychorale.org Subject: Member Form.

4. Have fun and take pride in being part of The Legacy Chorale of Greater Minnesota sharing your talent and joy of singing!

moving pianoYUP – even the director moves pianos (in addition to mountains) getting ready for a concert.  In a long dress, no less!


prepping for warm up

A group of vocalists prepping for warm up prior to a concert.  Practice makes perfect!


Ed Yunker, bd chair2

Board Chair, Ed Yunker, Baritone, visits with a member prior to a concert.  He’s been with Legacy Chorale for 12 years and served on the Board a number of those years.


set up2

Some of the road crew rollin’ up their sleeves, flexing muscles, working to set up the risers purchased with donations and grants funds. The road crew  are also chorale  members (so talented!). Our risers come complete with back railing and extra deep steps to comfortably accommodate our vocalists.  They have served us well.