Why does live vocal music matter?

Who does The Legacy Chorale of Greater Minnesota benefit?

Since our foundation in 2001, thousands of people have participated in The Legacy Chorale programs as singers and as audience members. Here’s what some of them have to say about the importance of live vocal music opportunities in the Brainerd Lakes area:

“Three of my oldest boys come to the Legacy Chorale concerts with me. One is on the autism spectrum, one has Tourette’s syndrome as well as being on the spectrum, and the other has severe panic and anxiety disorder. The music is soothing and awe-inducing. It gives them a break from their daily struggles, and gives us an amazing experience to bond over.” Alexandra, a thirty-something doula and mother

“I’m not a great singer, but I enjoy singing and there is nothing in the world like singing in a large chorale, being part of a collective that makes beautiful music with human voices. Being in The Legacy Chorale has made me a better singer. There are some incredibly skilled and talented vocalists among us, and those people have served as mentors to me, coming along side me and helping me use my voice in a more skilled way. Being part of this community has had an important impact on my life, and helps keep me young. There’s a lot of evidence that singing is beneficial exercise for the body, mind, and spirit.” Dean, a strategic marketing consultant in his 70’s

Legacy Chorale concerts give families an amazing experience to bond over.
Singing is beneficial exercise for the body, mind and spirit.
A thriving cultural arts scene in the Brainerd Lakes Area attracts new residents and visitors.

“My company gave me the choice of relocating to one of four Minnesota communities, so I got on the internet and researched them. I wanted both the beauty of nature and a thriving arts culture in which I could not only participate as an audience member, but also as a singer. When I found out that The Legacy Chorale was in Brainerd, it was easy to make my decision — a good economy, low crime rate, trees, lakes, and singing! All of those things are essential to my happiness.” Mary, a retail manager and recent transplant to Brainerd

We rely on the tireless support of our singer members, along with generous funding from sponsors, corporations, and individual donors, so that Alexandra, her children, and families like theirs can enjoy the beautiful music that bonds them together and soothes them as they face tough challenges. Dean and other singers gain skills and receive the health and community-building benefits of choral music. And the Brainerd Lakes area is able to attract new, productive, economy-boosting residents like Mary.

We are grateful to the many people who work together to strengthen our communities by supporting The Legacy Chorale.